Abstract book and Program

Abstract Book (PDF file, 18MB)

Including Timetable and Program

Canceled Presentations (as of Sep. 7)

Oral Presentation

Sep.4, 18:10-18:30, Room B (4-B4-3)
International Efforts and Chinese Contributions on Mapping Subglacial Topography of the Antarctica Ice Sheet
Xiangbin Cui

Sep.7, 15:30-15:50, Room A (7-A4-2)
Dielectric-Infrared Spectrum of Ice and Atomic Dynamics Behind It
Vasily Artemov

Sep.7, 11:10-11:30, Room B (7-B2-2)
Ice-Cold and Crystal-Clear: Pinning and Surfing of Ice-Bound Antifreeze Proteins Imaged One by One with Subzero Nanoscopy
Roderick Tas, Tim Hogervorst, Sanne Giezen, Danielle van den Broek,Roma Suris Valls, Ilja Voets

Sep.8, 9:00-9:30, Room B (8-B1-1)
The Most Potent Snow Makers (Invited)
Valeria Molinero, Yuqing Qiu, Ingrid de Almeida Ribeiro, Konrad Meister

Poster presentation

Pressure-Induced Phase Transformations and Their Pressure Hystereses of Nitrogen Hydrate
Ryohei Yonezawa, Asa Katsumata, Yusuke Yasui, Tomoaki Kimura, Masafumi Sakata, Shigeo Sasaki, Takayuki Nagae, Ken Niwa

DFT Calculations of Raman Spectra and NMR Shielding Constants for Large Clusters of Methane Hydrate
Akira Hori

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Only Program (PDF file, <1MB)

Presentation Formats

Oral Presentations

20-min (including 5-min discussion)
Please connect your own PCs by HDMI connector,
or use Windows PC with Microsoft PowerPoint in each lecture room.

A plenary talk will be 40-min long including a 5-min discussion time. Invited talks will be 30-min including 5-min discussion times. Oral presentations except for plenary and invited talks will be 20-min including 5-min discussion times.
An LCD projector and a Windows PC with Microsoft PowerPoint are available for presentations in each lecture room. The PowerPoint files for oral presentations should be installed on the PC and confirmed its operation without problems. You can also use your own PCs. In that case, you must prepare the adapter to connect with the HDMI connector and check the connection between your PC and the projector before the session starts. Note that time lost between switching PCs or due to non-functioning PCs will be deducted from the allotted presentation time. If you need any other device, please contact the organizers in advance.

Poster Presentations

90 cm width x 180 cm height

Posters will be on display in the Foyer (1st floor) of the Conference Hall. The size of posters must not exceed 90 cm wide by 180 cm high. There are two poster sessions on Tuesday afternoon (Poster Session 1 for odd-number presentations) and Thursday afternoon (Poster Session 2 for even-number presentations). Posters must be mounted before Poster Session 1 and dismounted before 9:00 on Friday. The presenting authors are expected to be in front of the posters during the poster session. The organizers are not responsible for any lost posters. Any posters left after closing will be disposed of if not claimed.